BSF Pay Slip 2020 | BSF Monthly Payslip Online, BSF Salary Statement PDF Download

BSF Payslip 2020: Download BSF Monthly Pay Slip Online login, Salary Statement and BSF@1234 Payslip PDF Download For interested readers here we bring you the latest  Border Security Force payslip updates along with information related to the BSF payslip 2020, BSF salary statement, BSF payslip login, and more information.

The Border Security Force of India is considered to be the second line of defense after the regular Indian Army.  BSF is one of 5 Central Armed Force of India, governed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the government of India.

As per the record, the Border Security Force was raised on 1st December 1965 at the wake of the war of 1965, as a paramilitary force with the primary responsibility of securing the borders of India to maintain peace and prevent transitional crimes. BSF Pay Slip 2020 and BSF Salary Statements.

Currently, the Border Security Force is known as the largest border security force in the world, so the largest border security force of the world is comprised of 180 battalions, 257,363 personnel, air wings, artillery regiments, marine wings, commando units with 100 plus boats and 22 aircraft.

The Border Security Force is also known as the First Line of Defense of Indian Territories since the force has been protecting the country from numerous cross border threats.

Every year a huge number of aspirants prepare themselves to join the BSF and to be recruited the individuals must clear the Border Security Force recruitment procedure which is conducted by the recruiting board of the force.

Thousands of young aspirants flood in for the vacant positions but only a few hundred applicants are recruited by the force to fill the vacant positions available for the accommodation of the new recruit.

Once the individuals are recruited they will be dispatched for their duties in different regions and in return of their service, the BSF offers their personnel with attractive salary package.

Talking about BSF monthly salary, in this article we are going to provide some crucial input related to the Border Security payslip, including monthly salary slip of BSF, BSF payslip login, BSF pay slip online login and more.

Border Security Force BSF Pay Slip 2020:

During their service period in the Border Security Force, every concerned personnel can check their monthly BSF salary statements or records through the online BSF payslip services.

The BSF payslip services are exclusively only for BSF personnel and to avail themselves BSF employees must have the required credentials required to acquire the salary statement of a particular month.

Hundreds of young aspirants join the Border Security Force every year and at being recruited by the force every new recruit are handed with their personal login details specifically to allow individuals to benefit from the BSF pay slip services.

So, in simple words, the BSF payslip 2020, is a convenient service that is available for BSF personnel which has been able to help individuals to get the exact BSF salary statement.

BSF Pay Slip Online Login:

Organization provided username and password for BSF Pay Slip Online Login or check the monthly salary slip. In order to exercise their right to look for the BSF salary statement, aspirants must first have the required credentials such as their personal BSF pay slip username and password to establish their identity.

Since the username and password for every BSF personnel are unique allows this service to function smoothly without providing incorrect and unreliable information in terms of BSF salary statement.

Therefore, as per the official rules and regulations, those individuals without the required login username and password cannot access their BSF payslip details unless correct credentials are provided.

So once the individuals receive their personal BSF pay slip login details such as username and password such details should remain confidential, in order to maintain privacy.

BSF Pay Slip Online Download:

All personnels who want to download bsf pay slip online, they all get the direct link for download the payslip. Border Security Force individuals must have access to the internet in order to get the required BSF monthly salary statement because the services are available exclusively online.

However, the most significant benefit of BSF salary slip services being offered online allows individuals to acquire their monthly salary slip details from different places when required.

According to the official process while downloading the BSF monthly payslip of any month the individuals must consider taking the following steps to ensure they obtain the required statements.

  • Go to the official website of BSF (
  • At the homepage look for PAY & GPF/CPF option.
  • Now click on that link to proceed further.
  • Then a click on the login option present at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter the correct BSF payslip login username and password.
  • Do not forget to enter the captcha code.
  • Then click on the Submit option.
  • Finally, the BSF salary statement of the individuals will be displayed.

BSF Payslip Apps Download 2020:

The above-mentioned procedure is a common method of obtaining the monthly payslip of BSF, but other than the above-mentioned process individuals can also download the BSF mobile app pay slip which is exclusively for the BSF salary statement purposes.

So it the individuals are able to download the BSF mobile app payslip, then the benefits of the service will be on their fingers, the app is available at Google play for individuals in search of BSF payslip mobile app for Android.

Border Security Force Salary Chart, Grade Pay, Pay Band:

It is a known fact that every individual recruited by the Border Security Force are provided with a monthly salary package, which includes the basic pay, grade pay, etc. depending upon the rank of the recruit.

The BSF monthly salary structure has been prepared according to their designations, hence the basic pay along with grade pay which is considered to be the BSF monthly salary is offered as mentioned below for each of its ranks.

In the following BSF salary chart, the complete salary details for each rank of the armed force is available along with their pay band and grade pay and BSF monthly salary in hand for gazetted and non-gazetted officers category.

BSF Monthly Salary Chart Rank Wise:

BSF Pay Band Categories:

The Border Security Force pay band or pay scale ascends along with the rise in the ranks of individuals, so the BSF pay band would be higher for superior ranks of the Border Security Force.

According to the official disclosure, the BSF pay scale for each rank has been distributed into 4 different groups, BSF servicemen receive their monthly salary under the following BSF pay band.

  • Pay Band 1.
  • Pay Band 2.
  • Pay Band 3.
  • Pay Band 4.

BSF Grade Pay Rank Wise:

Although the official Border Security Force grade pay has been mentioned in the BSR salary chart above, which certainly explains the structure of BSF grade pay which is offered for each rank.

Every month when the service personnel receives their monthly salary is provided according to the pay band and grade pay category of the individuals which depends upon the rank.

Similar to the pay band the amount of grade pay will increase along with the rise in the ranks, however, the BSF grade pay is not categorized.

Border Security Force Allowances and Perks:

Every Border Security Force servicemen along with the monthly salary are entitled to enjoy the benefits of a number of allowances and perks which is offered by the force in different aspects.

There are a number of BSF allowances and perks that offers individuals with much-required assistance, unlike the BSF monthly salary the allowances and perks do no vary depending upon the ranks of an individual.

As per the official statement, the Border Security Force personnel are provided with the following allowances and perks during their service tenure in return of their service to their country.

  • Transport Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • Daily Allowances.
  • House Rent Allowances.
  • Medical Facilities.
  • Canteen Facilities.
  • Loan Facilities.
  • Casual Leave Allowances.

Hope this article will be helpful you all and if you have any query regarding your bsf pay slip online then comment here and ask your queries.

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