ITBP PIS 2019, ITBP Monthly Pay Slip, Himveer Login, Salary Slip PDF

ITBP PIS 2019: Download ITBP Pay Slip 2019 PDF, ITBP PIS Personal Login And ITBPPIS & Monthly payslip Of ITBP Himveer. To check ITBP PIS (Personal Infomation System) & January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November And December month salary slip of Indo-Tibetan Border Police visit the official website. Know more about the ITBP salary slip, ITBP personal login details interested individuals may consider going through the following contents of this article for better understanding.

Indo Tibetan Border Police is one of 5 armed forces of India that is considered to be a part of the Central Armed Forces of India which is governed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

This armed force has grown in numbers since being established on in 1962, for the purpose of maintaining border security which India shared with Autonomous region of Tibet. Currently, the Indo Tibetan Border Police force includes 56 service battalions, 7 specialist battalions, and has approximately a total of 90,000 active personnel which tends to increase every year.

Every year at the end of an ITBP recruitment a number of candidates are recruited by the force for different posts, so for those recruits here in this article, we have some important information to disseminate.

This article covers particularly the monthly salary slip of ITBP, also ITBP payslip details, ITBP PIS login, ITBP login procedure, and more about ITBP monthly salary, grade pay, and ITBP monthly salary chart, which could be helpful for ITBP new recruits.

ITBP PIS And ITBP Pay Slip 2019:

In case aspirants are recruited by the Indo Tibetan Border Police force then such individuals must be aware of the monthly salary slip service provided by the armed force for their active personnel.

 Also known as Himveer login or ITBP personal login offers ITBP personnel to monitor or check their monthly salary, which is sort of a record of their monthly payments that will be or have been provided for a specific month.

This service not only provides the ITBP monthly pay slip details for the current year but also allows individuals to access their monthly salaries from the previous year helping the personnel to keep tabs on their record.

Since the ITBP PIS services offer online service which allows ITBP personnel to access ITBP personal login from any part of the world. As a matter of fact, the ITBP pay slip can also be downloaded as per the requisites.

ITBP PIS Personal Login –

Since the Himveer connects is available for every ITBP personal, thus in order to maintain individual or personal information of the personnel the armed force tags each personnel with a unique identity or provided their personal ITBP login details.

These bunch of information is accessible with the help of ITBP PIS login details such as the identity numbers and password created by the individual for such purpose. ITBP PIS includes the monthly salary slip of ITBP personnel along with their general information.

Hence, at the time of their commission, new recruits are provided with their ITBP PIS login credential which would be necessary for the individuals in terms of checking their ITBP pay slip for any month of the year.

Monthly PaySlip Of ITBP – Online Download:

Once an individual has been recruited by Indo Tibetan Border Police the armed force provides that individual with the credentials to use the ITBP Himveer login services that are available.

After the recruits have gathered their ITBP PIS login details such as the ITBP PIS username and PIS password which will be required at the time when they wish to check their ITBP play slip of a month.

The ITBP personnel in possession of their ITBP PIS credentials should the following steps which is the official procedure that is set up by the force in terms of acquiring details or downloading the ITBP pay slip.

Disclaimer: As per the regulations only 5 attempts will be provided to an individual in terms of incorrect ITBP PIS login details are provided, so we suggest you be more discreet.

  1. First, you must visit the website of IBP PIS login or Himveer Connect .
  2. At your screen, the official website will open.
  3. Now click on the login option in the Menu.
  4. Under Login Option-Click on Personal Login.
  5. Now you will be redirected into the login page.
  6. In the login page enter ITBP PIS username and password.
  7. Now then enter the Captcha code.
  8. Then to proceed further click on the Login option.
  9. After login, you can access your ITBP PIS accounts and can check your pay slip and other records.
  10. Personnel can also download their ITBP monthly salary slip.

Note: In case you entered incorrect requisites by clicking on the reset option will clear the field and then you can fill the blanks with proper ITBP login details.

ITBP Login PIS Password Recovery:

It is one of the common concerns of ITBP employees who are unable to access their monthly salary slip of ITBP due to incorrect details, generally, it is caused by personnel forgetting their passwords.

For those who are unable to recall their ITBP login password online assistance is available for recovering or changing their ITBP PIS password, but to avail themselves ITBP PIS username and active contact number is necessary.

Therefore, in case an ITBP personnel forgets his password than with the help of the following steps the password can be recovered, so check out the following steps mentioned below.

  1. First, follow the above-given steps and visit the login page.
  2. Now at the bottom of this page, a highlighted “forgot password” will be present.
  3. Click on that option and proceed further.
  4. The ITBP reset password page is displayed.
  5. At the fields enter the Regimental number, answer the security question, and enter an active contact number.
  6. Now then click on the Reset Password option.
  7. To complete the process validate the OTP sent to the contact number.
  8. This way every individual can change or reset ITBP password.

ITBP Monthly Salary Pay Slip, Grade Pay, Basic Pay:

Like every other armed force personnel of Central Armed Force of India, the Indo Tibetan Border Police armed force offers its personnel a handsome ITBP monthly salary, grade pay, etc. in return of their service.

The ITBP salary, pay scale, grade pay varies according to their ranks and designation of an individual in the armed force of Indo Tibetan Border Police. So every month ITBP service personnel receives their ITBP monthly pay based on their ranks and designations.

ITBP Monthly Pay Scale:

As mentioned in the above section monthly ITBP salary is offered to every employee of Indo Tibetan Border Police, but the paly scale gradually lowers from the highest designation to the lowest of ITBP.

Based on the official regulations there are about 4 pay scale or pay bands in ITBP, so based on their ranks personnel enjoy a higher pay scale compared to that of the lower ranks.

  • Pay band: 1.
  • Pay band: 2.
  • Pay band: 3.
  • Pay band: 4.

ITBP Salary Slip Chart 2019, Grade Pay :

Similar to the ITBP pay scale the ITBP grade pay also varies and descends from higher to the lower ranks of ITBP. The highest ITBP grand pay is Rs. 10,000 (ITBP Additional Director General) and the lowest being Rs. 2,000 (ITBP constable).

Hence, due to the difference in their grade pay, the ITBP monthly salary varies, so to make thing more clear the complete ITBP monthly salary chart rank wise has been provided below along with pay scale and grade pay for each rank.

ITBP Salary Chart Rank Wise:

ITBP Allowances, Perks:

The Indo Tibetan Border Police force not only offers monthly ITBP salary to its personnel but also provides a number of benefits such as allowances and perks for their services.

Although there are a number of ITBP allowances available to the  ITBP personnel following are some of these allowances.

  • House Rent Allowances (HRT).
  • Transport Allowances (TA).
  • Dearness Allowance (DA).
  • Daily Allowances (DA).
  • Hight Altitude Allowances (HAA).
  • Medical Facilities.
  • Loan Facilities.

For any query regarding to the ITBP PIS 2019 and ITBP Pay Slip 2019 you can comment here and ask your queries. Our team will help you and will give your all questions answer.

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